Christmas Quilt

I’ve added another quilt to my Etsy shop, ElmosPlace.etsy.com.  This one is bright and cheerful Christmas quilt that I really like!  Looks like a package all wrapped up, doesn’t it?!

The Christmas Quilt

I found this panel in a little quilt store in Alton, Illinois several years ago.  I have never been a panel person, but I really liked the happy, cheerful kids on the blocks – so I was hooked.   The shop had included this pattern along with the panel but I had to pick out the fabrics – that is always my fun part!  I just LOVE going thru the fabrics…  like a cat with catnip.  It took me a long time to get around to making the quilt,, it was always one of those “someday” projects.  I’m glad I finished it – cause it sure is cute! 


These are the blocks in closeup… there are 9 blocks total, the one with the kids ice skating was doubled.





One of the cool things I like, the star points are ‘loose’.. not sure if that is the right phrase, but they are open on the angles… gives it more of a three dimensional look to the stars,, really sets them out.

The other cool thing is the border,, using the two shades of green, it looks like ribbon wrapped around the quilt,, the small stippling in the white makes the ribbons POP.


See the snowmen quilted into the blue border!


The back of the quilt is blue and red fabrics and the binding is the same blue fabric as the back  .                                       

The quilt blocks have been quilted to accent the design and the red sashing has a general overall meander quilt stitch.

Overall size is about 47 x 47.  I have already washed the quilt once,, it has that soft well loved feel.  I just love that when you wash a quilt the first time,,  makes me think of Granma’s hugs….

Well, time to get started on finishing another project.  I have a charity quilt I’m trying to get in the mail for Quilts for Kids… doing things for others makes me feel good, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Lovers Knot Quilt

This is my Lovers Knot quilt.  It is a great size to snuggle under while watching television, taking a nap, or just drowsing the day away —   I have it for sale on my Etsy shop!

I loved making this quilt,, the warm fabrics made me feel cozy – can making something make you feel that way?  I dunno, but I loved the fruits on the black background ( they have just a tad bit of gold around them to set them off  – a little bling! ) and the creamy background fabric has wheat stems on it,, goes just perfect with the fruits.

The borders, there are 4 of them, (( AND they are mitered!! )) geez, took me a while to figure out which was going to go where, but I used the fruit fabric again to pick the fabrics.  And I had to have the orange to give this quilt just the right amount of POP.
The quilting in the snowball blocks whas adapted from the focus fabric ( the black with the fruits)..The fruit design was turned into a motif that is worked into each snowball block..
Grape leaves and curly-q’s to fill in the connector blocks and other places. 
There are some beautiful feathers that work thru the borders.  ( OOPS, need a picture here, don’t I! )

The background fabric is a mottled green, just the one fabric ( I think I have enough left to make some pillow shams,, hhmmm  should I? ).  A variagated green for the bobbin thread ( shows on the backside of the quilt ) and a creme for the top.  The quilting should hilight the quilt, not overwhelm it and using the two colors like this worked out well.

I have prewashed the quilt to give it the soft look that all quilts should have – like it is just waiting for you to use.

I enjoyed making this one.  Some one will enjoy using it.

New Stuff on Etsy

I have an Etsy store, called ElmosPlace,, and I really need that store!  I have so many many things that I have made,, my family is telling me to STOP giving them stuff,, they can not handle anymore!

So, ETSY seems like a good place to advertise what I do and I’m hoping other people will want and need my stuff!

I quilt

I throw pottery

I sew

I also cook, clean, watch tv, read books, and take naps :)…

Now you know a little about me,, take a look and see the things I make.