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This is my Lovers Knot quilt.  It is a great size to snuggle under while watching television, taking a nap, or just drowsing the day away —   I have it for sale on my Etsy shop!

I loved making this quilt,, the warm fabrics made me feel cozy – can making something make you feel that way?  I dunno, but I loved the fruits on the black background ( they have just a tad bit of gold around them to set them off  – a little bling! ) and the creamy background fabric has wheat stems on it,, goes just perfect with the fruits.

The borders, there are 4 of them, (( AND they are mitered!! )) geez, took me a while to figure out which was going to go where, but I used the fruit fabric again to pick the fabrics.  And I had to have the orange to give this quilt just the right amount of POP.
The quilting in the snowball blocks whas adapted from the focus fabric ( the black with the fruits)..The fruit design was turned into a motif that is worked into each snowball block..
Grape leaves and curly-q’s to fill in the connector blocks and other places. 
There are some beautiful feathers that work thru the borders.  ( OOPS, need a picture here, don’t I! )

The background fabric is a mottled green, just the one fabric ( I think I have enough left to make some pillow shams,, hhmmm  should I? ).  A variagated green for the bobbin thread ( shows on the backside of the quilt ) and a creme for the top.  The quilting should hilight the quilt, not overwhelm it and using the two colors like this worked out well.

I have prewashed the quilt to give it the soft look that all quilts should have – like it is just waiting for you to use.

I enjoyed making this one.  Some one will enjoy using it.


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